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CCSL welcomes new clients to sell or purchase stock from Coalgate. If you are new clients or have never been to a saleyards and would like some help, please follow the steps as below. 


Selling Stock

To sell stock from the Coalgate Saleyards you must firstly set up a trading account with one of the companies that operates from the facililty. Simply call the office or click on the links below to be directed to their websites. 

Information to have ready would be:

  • Name
  • Trading name
  • Contact details
  • GST details
  • Bank Account Number

Coalgate Saleyards operates most Thursdays with some exceptions. Click Here to view the Sales Calendar. It is recommended to advise/book your stock in for sale to your stock company by the Monday before sale. You may call or email this to the offices. 

All stock (with the exception of Feeder Calves) should arrive at the yards Wednesday afternoon. You are welcome to transport your own stock or use a trucking company. All stock vehicles must access the yards via Station Road and not travel through the township. 

All incoming stock must arrive with an Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form. This a legal requirement and can be downloaded here. ASD Form

All cattle must be tagged with a NAIT tag and be registered. If you are requiring to set up a NAIT registration number or need further information regarding this click on the link here. NAIT

Stock will be drafted and penned by stock agents on arrival. If stock arrive and are deemed unfit for sale, the Canterbury Central Saleyards Ltd and its associates have the right to reject these animals on inspection and will not be offered for sale, but returned as soon as possible. 

Purchasing Stock

You will need to set up a Trading Account with one of the Livestock Companies as described above.

Coalgate Saleyards is open for public viewing 8am day of sale. Sheep pens are open for viewing from this time. Cattle Yards are closed to the public while drafting and weighing of the cattle is in action approx 7am till 10.30am. We request for your own safety that you adhere to all safety signage regarding this. The 'Cat Walk' above the cattle yards is not for public use. 

CCSL publish Pre Sales Reports and Pre Sale Cattle Catalogue the night before sale. This can be viewed on this website under the tab "Reports". 

You will need to register for a Buyers Number at the registration office before auction starts. Information required will be: 

  • Trading name
  • Stock Company account held with 
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Nait number (Only if purchasing cattle)
  • Designated trucking company

If you would like to transport your own stock you must wait until sale has finished. You will need to also collect "Stock Release" papers from the office before loading stock. If using a designated truck company they will collect and deliver appropriate paper work with stock.  For further information on available trucking companies, Please click on this link : Trucking Companies

If you have any further questions or need some help on the day of sale please do not hesitate to ring, email or ask for some help at Coalgate. 

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